Cloud in Financial Services: The Application of Reputational Risk Q-Model

Cloud in Financial Services: The Application of Reputational Risk Q-Model
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July 14, 2020
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM CEST


A clear quantification and hence an understanding of the Reputational Riskis the key to properly, actively and effectively manage the business. The parameters and the information identified to give the Reputation an index are probably the same you could use to "safely" and wisely manage the company, clearly acknowledging where main pitfalls are, both with respect to the specific business and the best in class competitors. All this without forgetting that the reputation has to be linked to the capacity of grabbing market/profit opportunity when they show up and that the effort of the Authorities to better create a more precise definition of the value at risk is more and more increasing.

So the key to guide the approach is understanding where the risk may raiseand who the risk can impact. The two key questions have driven the overall development of the Reputational Risk model, leading to the identification of the stakeholder-based structure. Using cloud to empower the analysis of this risk is the natural evolution: security, data ingestion, scalability, high availability and low recurring cost are the key aspect of the underlying technology stack.

Why attend?

This bonus Cloud in Financial Services webinar will present a real world exampleof the application of the model, a case study applied to a major Italian Private Bank, Banca Generali, a situation where brand reputation is probably one of the most valuable assets.

Main key takeaways include:

  • Full awareness of all business components that are affected by or have an influence on Reputational Risk
  • Understanding that nearly all the decisions made in running the business have an impact on the Reputation, also those related to apparently irrelevant or uncorrelated areas
  • Having the chance to understand that, though it might seem and actually is one of the most intangible assets of a corporation, Reputation can be effectively valued
  • Understand how and why cloud technologies can improve the risk analysis mantaining high degree of control and security respecting current regulation and compliance

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