360° HR Self-Service Dashboard: Fast, Automated, Transparent

360° HR Self-Service Dashboard: Fast, Automated, Transparent
Event Info
July 7, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST

Data management

HR departments face many challenges in these times: A constantly high effort in data preparation to calculate new scenarios of short-term work and their effects on the company and the employees. A timely 360° view of all personnel-relevant information for the board of directors and managers.

However, existing systems and applications do not support this process, resulting in data-intensive and manual calculations, which usually end up in a "spreadsheet jungle" of inconsistency, a lot of manual effort and "deleting reports" in PowerPoint etc.

In this webinar, Blue Reply shows

  • HR-oriented solutions that can be managed by the HR department in a self-service mode, thus relieving the burden on the IT department
  • How to automate the data preparation process, including full access to SAP HCM data
  • A ready-made solution to simulate the effects of the current crisis on your HR key figures easily and quickly

Webinar overview

Blue Reply's goal is to enable HR business users with the right department-oriented solution to manage their data and analytics requirements - highly automated - on their own.

HR participants learn:

  • How HR departments can be empowered to manage their own data and analysis
  • How the data preparation process can be automated and easily managed by HR staff using Alteryx
  • How to provide management with urgently needed information immediately in the HR dashboard with tabular form - for short-term work on the basis of a preconfigured solution integrating SAP data

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