5G Deployment status and evolution in Italian Market

5G Deployment status and evolution in Italian Market
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November 25, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CET

About this webinar

The aim of this webinar is to present to Reply customers current 5G technology deployment status carried on by Telecom Operators. After a brief explanation in the first section of what 5G actually is, the focus of the second part of the presentation will be on the description of functionalities available today. It will be provided an overview of current status of 5G network performances based on actual data collected daily and how most important KPIS are monitored and improved. The 5G technology evolution (i.e. NSA, SA, SVN, MPN, MEC, ...) and roadmap is the core topic for the third section while in the fourth based on technology roadmap some 5G use cases for different industries actual implementation will be shown and why KPI and performances are more vital than ever for the deployment of such services.

Why Attend

Everybody speaks about 5G. But what is 5G in Enterprise market is quite ambiguous and unclear. Telecom market boundaries are fading away since connections between, people, things, enterprises are increasing dramatically. The internet of Everything is approaching. 5G is a key asset in the digital transformation process and the benefits brought by this technology in terms of speed, latency and number of connected objects are awaited by most enterprises across all markets. Reply experience supporting operators in launching new mobile technologies, may bring to potential Client a pragmatical view on what could be the steps for adopting such new technology (from vendors, partners selection to final deployment and performances tuning) in its digital transformation process; how to leverage 5G and how to integrate it with own IT infrastructure.

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