A Structured Approach to Adversary Emulation

A Structured Approach to Adversary Emulation
Event Info
April 13, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

About this webinar

Adversary emulation simulates the behavior of real attackers to measure how an organization reacts to real-world security threats. Different from penetration tests and red teaming, with adversary emulation the SOC is aware of the security exercise, and actively collaborates with the red team: from the collaboration between the two groups arise significant benefits for the organization, in terms of increased awareness, as well as accurate measurement and improvement of blue team capabilities.

The webinar will introduce adversary emulation activities and methodologies. Specifically, we will provide the foundations for adversary emulation exercises, and then walk the audience through possible approaches to deliver these activities, leveraging both specialized tools and manual analyses performed by skilled security professionals.

The webinar will also discuss how to define a process to systematically perform adversary emulation exercises, what are the prerequisites to get an effective outcome from such activity and how to best leverage the results of the exercise through the existing cybersecurity processes in order to improve the organization resiliency against advanced cyber attacks

Why attend

Following the global trend that is shifting cybersecurity from a reactive to a more proactive approach, Adversary emulation is quickly gaining popularity as a means to protect against advanced, targeted attackers that use complex attack vectors.

As a CISO or a Cybersecurity Operations Manager it is important to deepen this topic to understand if your organization could benefit from Adversary emulation and what approach best meets your internal requirements.

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