Accelerate your pipelines with GPU

Accelerate your pipelines with GPU
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June 11, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST


GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit) are essential if you are a gamer. However, do you know they can be also exploited to create faster and more efficient pipelines? In this speech, you will see how impactful the use of GPUs in the most disparate fields: computational fluid dynamics, data analysis, bioinformatics, finance and much more. Nevertheless, most importantly, GPUs have sparked an AI boom because they allow you to train the algorithms in less time and to use them in contexts where there is a real time requirement. Experts from Machine Learning Reply will present the most promising tools and libraries to unlock the power of GPUs in your application focusing on Machine Learning and Deep Learning frameworks and libraries. In short, GPUs have become essential. They began by accelerating gaming and graphics. Now they are accelerating more and more areas where computing horsepower will make a difference.


The areas that will be presented will explain how they can help you get up to 20-100 times the amount of speed depending on the application. In fact, GPU are used in every critical process where performance is fundamental and key in the age of supercomputers.

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