AI Powered Content: Does it Work for SEO?

AI Powered Content: Does it Work for SEO?
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February 11, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CET


For many businesses, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming an essential component for a range of strategies including; search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search and content marketing.

Within marketing, 30% of AI adopters cited a 6-10% increase in revenue after implementing the technology, but does AI powered content really work?


During the webinar, Threepipe Reply, analyses a range of AI tools available to SEO practitioners and in-house teams to help understand how the quality of AI created content compares to that created by humans. We also look at how effective these tools are in building content for users and search engine needs and examine the results.

Finally, the team shares their opinion on AI content and recommendations on a best-in-class content strategy for SEO.


Katie lorenz
Katie Lorenz is the Account Director in the SEO team at Threepipe and is fascinated by the everchanging search industry. She has successfully led projects for brands including Nike, NewMotion (Shell) and McCormick
Alex Bova is the SEO Operations Manager at Threepipe and helps brands of all sizes enhance their online presence and connect with customers. Alex’s experience spans various industries, working with brands such as Aviva, Panasonic and Ted Baker. 

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