AI-Powered Data Automation

AI-Powered Data Automation
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February 10, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET


Today, companies need to process large amounts of data through the work of data scientists. In the near future, thanks to new technological scenarios business will be flooded by data, and it is crucial for them to process more quickly and to present users with valuable results. Therefore, we can say that Augmented Analytics x transform how users interact with data, make decisions and act on insights. The new paradigm of AI-Powered Data Automation will advance rapidly in adoption responding to the increasing need of companies to create, deliver and capture value. The ability for a computer to turn analytical insights into data by automating data preparation, insight discovery and then finally sharing with the appropriate people has amazing potential. In this webinar we present all the technologies related to AI-Powered Data Automation, such as Machine Learning algorithms for the automation of the analytics process, to increase explainability, and Natural Language Interfaces, such as Conversational Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Natural Language Query, Natural Language Generation and Advanced Data Visualization, for automating insights and to share findings.

Why Attend

We have been working on data analysis for some time now, and we know that much of the time is spent in preparation, searching the right model and understanding the best way to present data. Our goal is to develop a brand new platform or group of services that can reduce this time. Every business needs to understand how these solutions can and will affect users, processes and workflow. Giving your company the right tools, and a simple way to manage the overwhelming flow of data and information, is crucial to your business success and will make every team member an asset to your company. 

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