AI: Tangible wave for Customer Service

AI: Tangible wave for Customer Service
Event Info
July 28, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CEST

About this webinar

The AI application and the way companies are approaching this technology will change all industries' future and customer behavior in the next decade.  

Even if AI application has been one of the major trends in tech development for years, it has currently become a tangible and scalable reality. In particular, brick after brick, it is now mature to be easily applied in all existing processes to improve them like never before.

Throughout this webinar, Cluster Reply presents tangible solutions based on the Microsoft platform to some of the typical customer service requirements and some insights for the next "close to be applied" solutions in one of the main and key areas of a company.

Why attend

In this webinar, we approach the AI starting from some typical daily customer service requirements to provide insights into how AI can help solve them and provide practical solutions.

Additionally, it is an opportunity to suggest how AI and Customer Service can evolve together in the mid-term.

Attendees will be involved in the below topics:

  • Overview of the AI
  • Main AI applications in Customer service
  • Practical solutions overview to easily engage AI in the company
  • Demonstration of how AI can work

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