Enterprise Integration: API-led approach based on Mulesoft Anypoint Platform

Enterprise Integration: API-led approach based on Mulesoft Anypoint Platform
Event Info
January 25, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

Webinar Overview

The IT division of companies represents a tool for the business to enable a series of functions to support business transformation. The digitization of services to the user and to third parties involved requires dynamic, scalable and at the same time reliable solutions. The reuse of code, the reduction of maintenance times and the reduction of implementation times are all fundamental aspects to ensure a successful time to market and create competitive advantage within the market. The needs of integration in an environment of increasing complexity such as the current one cannot ignore the use of enterprise grade technology that abandons a model based on point-to-point logic in favor of an API-led approach within which IT is promoter of a 3-level API development to support integration with existing and future systems and services.

System API: guarantee access to core systems (crm, erp, logistics, etc.) and provide a means of accessing the data of these systems, freeing themselves from the underlying complexity.

Process API: allow interactions with a single system or multiple systems that make up a single logic (order management, shipment, customer management), abstracting the source and target channels linked to this.

Experience API: designed to support the user experience, it unifies the data source to support the features based on a specific audience, examples are the APIs to support the mobile or web channel.

The webinar examines a customer context by analyzing the as-is scenario and the transformation process that led to a to-be scenario based on the market-leading Enterprise Integration Platform and Full Cycle API Management such as Mulesoft Anypoint Platform.

Why Attend

The webinar provides an overview of the platform functions and the components that it is made up from, analyzing the business benefits and the return on investment logic.

During the webinar, a specific case will also be presented by analyzing the customer needs that led to the choice of the platform, the challenges faced in the creation and implementation of an API led solution and the results obtained.

It represents an opportunity for all companies who want to better understand how an API-based integration tool allows them to obtain a competitive advantage within today's dynamic and scalable market. It also offers the possibility of comparing one's own business context with the integration standards to support the digital transformation processes imposed by the market.


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