Automatic reconciliation in accounting processes through Artificial Intelligence

July 2, 2021
from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM  

About this webinar

Accounting, over time, has not undergone epochal changes, except that of being automated more and more and, thanks to the introduction of the mandatory invoice, its automation process will continue.

According to data provided by the University of Oxford, the accounting sector is classified as one of the activities that can be easily automated (with a probability of computerization of 96%). McKinsey, on the other hand, predicts that 86% of accounting-related activities will be automated in the future.

Why attend

Reconciliation is a relevant accounting process and one that consumes a lot of time within the company organization. We will illustrate how we helped the customer in improving the process, both from the point of view of process automation and from the point of view of improving the number of matches through artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

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