AWS and 5G, how to use Wavelength to run applications at the 5G network edge

March 10, 2021
from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM  

Webinar Overview

Emerging 5G applications demand low latency and high performance, partially moving the cloud architecture to the network edge is the AWS proposition with Wavelength. The same AWS service and the same way of working but the freedom to deploy applications near the network edge, enabling architects to design complex architecture based on traditional regions and new zones, in closer proximity to users.

Why Attend

In 2021 5G promise will become a reality. It's important to start to think of cloud architectures in a new way, dividing high demanding contents from backend computation. Let’s talk about how AWS approach this topic and how Reply can support companies designing new applications to get the most from 5G. Attend this webinar to understand why it is important to leverage cloud resources to build 5G hybrid architectures in addition to traditional ones.

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