Azure Digital Twins in manufacturing context

Azure Digital Twins in manufacturing context
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May 18, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Azure Digital Twins

The popularity of digital twin technology has grown exponentially over the past few years with its role in manufacturing continuing to expand. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world product or asset. Thanks to IoT sensors, the twin can receive continuous, real-time data from the object. In the coming years digital twin technology has the potential to revolutionize product lifecycle management in the manufacturing industry. Azure Digital Twins is the IoT platform that enables the creation of next-generation IoT connected solutions that model the real world. It’s built with an open modeling language to create custom domain models of connected environments that facilitate a live execution environment with information coming from IoT and other data sources. Azure Digital Twins can be integrated with other Azure services to build complete end-to-end solutions.

Why Attend

The pairing of the virtual and physical worlds enables the analysis of data and monitoring of systems to head off problems before they even occur, prevent downtime, develop new opportunities and plan for the future by using simulations. Digital twin technology can empower manufacturers to improve customer experience as it provides them with better insights into customer needs, which allows them to innovate solutions for existing products, operations and services while identifying new business opportunities. Digital twin technology enables manufacturers to test several different solutions before introducing them into the real world. We'll explain some of the possible scenarios in which Azure Digital Twins plays an important role in manufacturing, such as engineering, product customization, production and operations management.

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