Back to Cloud Cost Transparency with FinOps

Back to Cloud Cost Transparency with FinOps
Event Info
February 24, 2022
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM CET

Webinar Overview

Whether you are just starting your journey with the cloud or already in the middle of it, effective cloud cost management is a key component of any cloud strategy. The FinOps Foundation is dedicated to the continuous development of best practices on this topic. Liquid Reply and Apptio, as active members of the Foundation, give an overview of the FinOps approach and show how to adapt cloud cost management through a tool like Cloudability.

Why attend?

Join this webinar to

  • understand the value of effective cloud cost management and the FinOps approach.
  • see the FinOps lifecycle at a glance.
  • find out how Cloudability supports each step of the lifecycle.
  • learn how to get started with FinOps.

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