Biotagging: DNA tracers to know the source of the product

Biotagging: DNA tracers to know the source of the product
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April 28, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST


In traceability systems the real key player is not the product, but the information. The ability to keep track is (no longer) a matter of labelling: guaranteeing a continuous, updated flow of information, that not only accompanies, but grows together and within the product, means protecting safety, rights, quality, environment, value and reputation. The new frontier of innovation is to use the molecular container on which information has always been carried, the double helix that contains the code of our very existence: DNA. The genetic fingerprint of infinitesimal dimensions, is the game changer capable of revolutionizing the world of traceability, which remains, however, a team game.

Key topics

This webinar presented an overview of advanced methods of traceability; its scope, the business benefits and the industries that could take advantage of such technologies. Using case studies and real-life examples, the speakers showed how biotagging can re-define traceability in the Supply Chain.

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