Boosting Company Business, Sales and User Engagement: Salesforce Cloud Low-Code approach

October 13, 2020
from 12:00 PM to 12:45 PM  

About this webinar

Customer Relation Management has been, over the years, a key process inside companies. Salesforce is a cloud native product with PaaS architecture: with extended CRM capabilities, the platform empowers users with many out of the box application tools, following a strict low code fashion. In this webinar we will present:

  • Capabilities of the Salesforce platform, with an architecture overview.
  • Major development tools following a low code approach: Lightning apps, Flow and Process Builders.
  • Salesforce Cloud modules, which extend the platform functionality with features tailored to specific business contexts
  • Salesforce development hands on.

Why attend

The webinar is presented by Arlanis Reply, Platinum Partner of Salesforce, who focuses its efforts and knowledge on delivering quality solutions for its customers.

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