Building an IoT secure and customizable solution on Azure

Building an IoT secure and customizable solution on Azure
Event Info
November 9, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

IoT solution

Do you want a secure IoT system? Do you need to customize at any point your IoT solution in no time? In IoT security shouldn't be underestimated, and also managing updates for your devices may be an issue. Azure Sphere is a family of secure for definition IoT MCUs that enable IoT high security and device managment by default with no additional costs. While for the second point Azure IoT central can be a solution, since it is an IoTaaS NoCode solution to manage IoT devices, define devices capabilities, dashboards and also users' roles.

Why Attend

Azure Sphere was released by Microsoft this year, so this is an innovative solution!

  • We will show you how Azure Sphere can be used to achive IoT high security at low cost, while Azure IoT central is a NoCode tool to build, customize and manage your IoT solution;
  • When your solution will be up & running you can maintain it, add new devices or edit existing devices with no developer's action;
  • There will be a demo where we will connect our Azure Sphere device to IoT Central and see how simple is to use.

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