Building Blocks of an AWS IOT Solution

Building Blocks of an AWS IOT Solution
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April 22, 2021
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST

A technical entry into the topic of (I)IoT solutions build on AWS

IoT has many names. If companies want to safe costs thanks to process automations or predictive maintenance, or if they plan to develop completely new business and software models based on connected devices, the general concepts and services used within an AWS IoT platform stay pretty much the same.

In this technical webinar, Storm Reply and AWS are introducing the building blocks of an IoT solution, starting from the data sources on edge (e.g., Modbus, OPC-UA), data ingestion into the AWS Cloud, ways of storing data the right way (e.g., Date Lake with unstructured data, Time Stream Data) up to reasoning on this data to enable visualization, machine learning / predictive use cases and the integration into applications.

Webinar Overview

It is not necessary to utilize all the services, but to select the right ones for a specific solution. This overview should help to show possibilities to find a technical entry into the topic of (I)IoT solutions build on AWS. In this webinar the Storm Reply experts discuss the following topics:

  • From edge to Cloud – Collecting local data and ingest them to AWS (AWS IoT Greengrass)
  • Data Storage on AWS (Data Lake, S3 Standard to S3 Glacier Deep Archive, Amazon Athena)
  • Choosing Databases (Amazon Timestream, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS)
  • Data Visualizing (AWS IoT SiteWise, Amazon QuickSight)
  • Thing Management (AWS IoT Device Management / AWS IoT Device Defender)
  • Fokus Talk with Philipp Sacha (Specialist Solutions Architect IoT AWS)
  • Storm IoT Kickstarter: Portalizer Framework


Philipp Sacha
Principal Specialist Solutions Architect IoT
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Sven Seiler
Storm Reply

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