Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Minimizing Business interruption with Azure

May 4, 2021
from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM  

Webinar Overview

In the modern world of cloud computing the concept of Business Continuity is core to every company. Azure provides cloud native solutions to enable customers to implement simple, secure, and cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery strategies to protect applications and their data whether they are on-premises or on Azure. Once set-up, customers can enjoy benefits such as remote management, enhanced security, organizational customization, all at the cost of a minimal maintenance and monitoring overhead. Azure Backup is a service designed to backup/restore data and Azure Site Recovery is designed to perform seamless application disaster recovery. Together, these services provide a complete and customizable backup and recovery solution that can be easily implemented and scaled.

Why Attend

In this Webinar, Cluster Reply presents Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery, both extraordinarily versatile tools. In the event of data outage or corruption issues, they allow customers to completely restore their applications and data, easily and with zero disruption of service, all while minimizing cost. These native capabilities support low recovery-point objective (RPO) and recovery-time objective (RTO) targets for any critical workload. Azure is the right platform for customers to strengthen their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery approach.

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