ChatBot in a bank: Intesa Sanpaolo, an Italian case study!

ChatBot in a bank: Intesa Sanpaolo, an Italian case study!
Event Info
March 4, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

Virtual Agent

Remote assistance is a constantly growing need for customers to solve common issues and find, in a short amount of time, responses to their requests. Intesa Sanpaolo and Reply have together developed an application that aims to automate this assistance process by allowing customers to interact with a chatbot capable of answering user questions, simplifying the navigation of the bank's mobile app and website and easing the retrieval of useful information. This virtual agent helps also in reducing the workload of the contact center operators, allowing them to dedicate their attention to more complex requests from customers.

Why Attend

The webinar aims to cover the creation and development of a chatbot focusing on a success case in the banking domain. Customer service can be improved with intelligent chatbots that can respond to a large and potentially ever-increasing variety of questions automatically. To be effective, however, it’s necessary to achieve a close integration with specific information about the customers themselves. We intend to show how this integration can be achieved, without compromising the privacy of customers or limiting the possibility to quickly and punctually adapt the behavior of the chatbot to answer new customer needs.

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