Cloud in Banking: a New Era with many opportunities

Cloud in Banking: a New Era with many opportunities
Event Info
December 9, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

Banking architectures

What are the challenges for business and IT in the Financial Services Industry and how can new Banking Architectures help? How can banking architectures change and improve with Cloud Technologies? What are the benefits and challenges to consider during a cloud adoption process? In order to move from monolithic architecture to cloud architecture, what is the right cloud journey to follow and how does it works? What are the main drivers that banks should consider to choose between public cloud, Hybrid cloud, community cloud or on-premises cloud?

Why Attend

In this webinar you'll learn how the banking market is changing due to new business and IT challenges. We will explain the evolution of banking architectures over the last few years and how the cloud can help to reach new goals. We will also discuss the most suitable "journey" to cloud adoption (cloud motivation, assessment, architecture blueprint, release and optimization). The last topic of the webinar, based on our expertise in the banking sector, will be a list of useful drivers and our point of view related to cloud adoption.

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