Cluster Reply and Treedom: together towards a sustainable future

Cluster Reply and Treedom: together towards a sustainable future
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March 13, 2024
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

About this webinar

Companies face increasingly complex challenges in sustainability reporting, however, this process can become more seamless with advanced tools like Microsoft Sustainability Manager and strategic partnerships with platforms such as Treedom

Microsoft Sustainability Manager provides a comprehensive framework for managing and reporting sustainable initiatives. With its intuitive interface, it enables companies to monitor and analyze critical data related to emissions, resource consumption, and environmental performance. Its integration with Microsoft 365 streamlines the collection of information from various corporate sources, optimizing the detailed report generation process. 

Collaborating with Treedom represents an additional step towards sustainability. Through the partnership with Treedom, companies can absorb carbon emissions by planting trees. The combination of Microsoft Sustainability Manager and Treedom creates an integrated ecosystem that simplifies data collection, report generation, and the tangible demonstration of sustainable efforts.

Why Attend

In our upcoming webinar, we will present the effective use of Microsoft Sustainability Manager for the collection, analysis, and detailed reporting of ESG data. 
We will illustrate how it is easy to collect data, report the gathered information, and monitor objectives and KPIs using the tools provided by the Microsoft Power Platform suite, integrated with other technologies such as ChatGPT.
This innovative approach aims to promote sustainability through the use of advanced technologies, enabling effective data collection and timely reporting. The Microsoft Power platform offers a comprehensive ecosystem of tools that facilitate the process, ensuring detailed monitoring of progress and achieved results.

During the webinar, we will explore the strategic partnership with Treedom, uncovering efficient emission absorption management strategies. 

Join us to gain insights into an integrated approach to handling ESG data and discover how collaboration with Treedom transforms emission absorption into a streamlined and impactful process.

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