Computer Vision: How to use it in the company? Adoption scenarios

Computer Vision: How to use it in the company? Adoption scenarios
Event Info
December 2, 2020
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM CET

Webinar Overview

Since convolutional neural networks have begun to return results that outperform man in specific image recognition activities, research in the field of computer vision has evolved at a very high pace. The basic concept of CNNs (or convolutional networks) had already developed around 1980, and since then considerable progress has been made. Through technology, not only is it able to analyze the content of an image or a video, in order to classify or recognize objects, but it is also possible to generate totally new content starting from some images (eg. Deep Fake Video).

Why Attend

The webinar will be focused on showing you how through deep learning algorithms it is possible to recognize objects, classify images, analyze and / or create new videos. On cross-industry sectors we will see the most used use cases such as smart safety, classification of documents, the transformation of images through GANs, the analysis of medical images, the development of tools for controlling social distancing etc. In addition to the design and implementation of neural networks, the computation mode will also be taken into consideration: for example in the cloud or edge, directly on the device.

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