Connected Insurance - a solution to empower property owners and reduce costs

July 23, 2021
from 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM  

About this webinar

The rapidly growing Internet of Things (IoT) sector is unlocking new opportunities for insurance companies. Join this webinar to find out how the Connected Insurance platform from Reply empowers insurance companies to detect and respond quickly to problems (for example, high humidity and water leaks) in their customers’ homes, offices, or other insured properties while reducing damages as well as insurance claims. This white-label IoT solution offered by Reply includes smart sensors and monitoring. It is a scalable, secured solution powered by Microsoft Azure. It is packaged as an accelerator for quick and easy customization and deployment. Reply also provides full system integration and support.

Why attend

The rapidly growing Internet of Things sector is unlocking new opportunities for insurance companies. Despite the successful expansion of IoT among insurance sectors, the implementation of IoT projects can involve several challenges. Building in-house IoT expertise is expensive and time-consuming.Successful IoT adoption requires detailed data analysis and secure data storage. Additionally, an IoT project requires finding new ways to enrich the experience of customers with unique products, exploring innovative product use-cases, and defining novel go-to market strategies.

Reply helps companies harness the business opportunities of IoT and face the challenges mentioned above with an IoT accelerator solution powered by Microsoft Azure. The solution reduces the cost and complexity of building a connected solution.

Its pillars are 1) a catalogue of Azure certified devices to jump-start your IoT use-cases in homes, offices, and other insured properties, 2) an end-to-end platform that allows companies to manage the device services, have facilitated operational control, and enhanced data analytics, and 3) a white-label mobile application that enables customers to manage their connected devices.

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