COVID-19: regulatory action and impacts on the credit lifecycle

COVID-19: regulatory action and impacts on the credit lifecycle
Event Info
May 26, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST

COVID-19 and banks

The COVID-19 emergency and the actions taken by both Italian and European Authorities to support the economy have significant impacts on the banking system on both operational and profitability point of view.

Banks are promptly activating interventions aimed at supporting, in the short term, the operational process with the purpose of putting in place the above mentioned actions and, in the middle term, the implementation of the digital transformation program.

Webinar overview

The presentation focuses on the following aspects:

  • Track the latest regulatory actions put in place to face the emergency
  • Recognize the main commercial initiatives and products offered by the banks 
  • Talk about the main issues identified with impact on credit origination processes and IT platform
  • Discuss about the effect of “moratorium” and delay in the balance sheet availability on credit evaluation processes
  • Analyse potential impacts on “non performing loan” business plan

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