Create an effective CX through Service Design

Create an effective CX through Service Design
Event Info
July 7, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST


The aim of Service Design is to create a unique customer experience, by involving those most connected to a specific social arena. What today’s consumer wants? The online experience is somewhat impersonal and consumers are craving more. There is a fundamental shift in consumer values towards online buying experience. Some at the front line, are tackling this trend, so, how can we use customer’s hints as a vehicle for designing human-centered shopping experience? We will find it out through Virgin Active, as a well-fitting case study.


The webinar begins with an overview of Virgin Active, as a well-fitting case study of how Service Design can change customer experience. We will show you the transformation, from an impersonal to a user centered shopping experience. This will be the starting point to outline Portaltech Reply outside-in customer approach. But first, what CX, UX and UI are? We will shed some light on the main keywords and their true meaning. Then we will discover the main steps of the service design process, for each step we will point out a service design tool and show how can be effective to reach the best results in terms of customer experience and business strategy. We will conclude, sharing the tools, which can allow you to gain a better know-how and drive your digital transformation processes.

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