CSOC service evolution

CSOC service evolution
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October 19, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Security service

CSOC services are changing day by day evolving and adapting themselves to new cyber-attacks and frauds. In addition, home working and the recent pandemic situation affected the way we detect and prevent cyber risks, as a consequence of new attack scenarios: the increase in the attack surface and the high mobility of employees have radically transformed the focus and goals of attackers. Consulting security services can face these new challenges to follow customers and real world changes with a proactive approach, in order to fill the gap with standard and outdated security methodologies.

Why Attend

We will begin this webinar by focusing on the attacks and targets that have been most identified by the CyberSecurity Operation Center of Communication Valley Reply during 2020. Learn what a CSOC is and why a standard CSOC model has become outdated; stand-alone security services cannot guarantee risk reduction by themselves without a step by step path where investigation and hunting together improve overall security posture. Focusing on new cybersecurity paradigms could be the key elements to provide an added value before modern and sophisticated attacks take place: - Proactive and Predictive approach for defense - IT, OT & IoT convergent CyberSecurity services.

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