Customisation of the customer journey on a web marketing portal

April 17, 2020
from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM  


In a highly competitive market, details make the difference between a conversion and a lost potential customer. Customising the user experience can increase the number of conversions, by adapting the user experience to the specific context of those who are browsing the portal. The webinar demonstrated how Sitecore makes it possible to define customisation rules for the customer journey and precisely how these can impact the end user.

Key topics

Controlling the customer journey is becoming the key of modern digital marketing. Engaging a customer on the right channel with the right content on the right time is crucial to make the most of the digital communication and increasing convertions. And even some % increase in conversion could be relevant for the business! Sitecore allows a complete management of the customer journey, using personalization to drive the customer experience into the conversion funnel.

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