Cutting-edge methods to support service employees

Cutting-edge methods to support service employees
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December 1, 2022
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CET

Synergy between User Acceptance and Data Maintenance

One of the greatest challenges in service is to keep employees fully informed about completed services, open customer requests, and communication that has taken place - both internally and externally. Solutions such as SAP Service Cloud or SAP Field Service Management make a decisive contribution to this. The closer employees work together with the systems, the greater the added value for both the individual and the entire company.

In this webinar, the Syskoplan Reply experts highlight three key topics that enable employees to be as well informed as possible and increase the synergy between user acceptance and data maintenance.

Session Overview

Join this Syskoplan Reply Webinar and learn

  • about the advantages of setting up a knowledge database,
  • what the term '720-degree view' is all about and
  • how augmented reality can become part of the everyday life of your service employees.


Syskoplan Reply
Senior Consultant
Syskoplan Reply
Senior Consultant
Syskoplan Reply

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