Data Platform Modernisation with AWS Lake Formation

Data Platform Modernisation with AWS Lake Formation
Event Info
September 21, 2022
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM Europe/London

Overview/Business Value

In a 2017 survey conducted by Forbes, they discovered that “a staggering 92% of executives believe that organisational agility, or the ability to rapidly respond to market conditions and external factors, is critical to business success”. In their 2021 study Mckinsey provided evidence to support these beliefs as their findings showed that highly successful agile transformations typically delivered around 30% gains in efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and operational performance.

A key component of these transformations is being able to decouple technology stacks to support the ongoing change in strategy, structures, processes, and people. Organisations are often struggling to execute these agile transformations due to data platforms that are designed only to deal with current problems, rather than the problems that may occur tomorrow.

In this webinar we will highlight and demonstrate how using a modern data architecture on AWS will equip your data platform to be able to respond and solve both current and future problems and forge a pathway to success.

Why Attend?

Tech It Easy is back and following last year’s 6-part series we have an exciting new schedule of webinars and events lined up for you this year. We will continue to delve into the use of AWS technologies and the ways in which they can steer your business to success.

Part #4 in our series is a webinar focusing on Data Platform Modernisation. This webinar will provide attendees with:  

  • A clear understanding of Data Platform Modernisation and its core concepts
  • An Industry success story – Serverless Data Mesh at a Sales Enablement organization
  • Best practices from industry experts
  • A walkthrough ‘show-me-how’ session
  • Q&A

S3, Athena, Lake Formation and QuickSight have been helping businesses to design and implement serverless and distributed end-to-end data platforms on AWS.


  1. Introduction
  2. AWS: Data tooling
  3. Data Mesh Definition and Core Concepts
  4. Industry Sucess Story
  5. Show Me How - Our Practical Demo!
  6. Q&A


Jeroen Minnaert – Chief Software Architect at Showpad

Joel Farvault – Principal Specialist Solutions Architect Analytics at AWS

Mattia Sappa – Senior Data Engineer at Data Reply

Luca Piccolo – Manager at Data Reply

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