Augmented Data Quality Solution

Augmented Data Quality Solution
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June 29, 2022
4:00 PM - 4:30 PM CEST

About this webinar

Have you ever shown a report to your CEO or manager and he/she told you the numbers look way off? Has a customer ever called out incorrect data in one of your product dashboards?

In this talk, we’ll introduce the concept of augmented data quality and data observability.

Data observability is an organization ability to fully understand the health of the data in their systems.

It's an important topic since poor data quality is highly costly for data-driven organizations and it affects almost every team, despite being often addressed ad hoc and/or in a reactive manner.

We’ll discuss why data quality matters to the data industry, signs you may have a data quality problem, how to address it proactively and the incredible leverage you’ll provide to your company and customers if you do.

AlerTable's Data Quality Accelerator

In this webinar we'll introduce our Augmented Data Quality solution.

It is a software for your data stack that monitors and alerts for data issues across your data warehouses, data lakes, ETL and business intelligence.

It uses machine learning to infer and learn your data, proactively identify data issues, assess its impact, and notify those who need to know.

By automatically and immediately identifying the root cause of an issue, teams can easily collaborate and resolve problems faster. It also provides automatic, field-level lineage and centralized data cataloguing that allow teams to better understand the accessibility, location, health and ownership of their data assets, as well as adhere to strict data governance requirements.

The software prevents broken data pipelines and delivers the power of data observability, giving data engineering and analytics teams the ability to solve the costly problem of data quality.

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