Delivery in Fashion Retail: turn a service into a High Value Proposition for your customer

Delivery in Fashion Retail: turn a service into a High Value Proposition for your customer
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January 28, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

About this webinar

Delivery today is no longer an ancillary Service. It must be core to the Customer Experience strategy. Changing delivery approach will open new service opportunities but also new challenges to address. The delivery approach is key to brand awareness and today, more than ever, if the delivery is safe, fast and with multiple options, than the success growth factor is high.
How is it possible to reach peak performance? By leveraging data and optimizing existing (or designing new) Omnichannel processes. In particular, the management, consolidation and automation of brand orders, from all touch points, should merge into a single system, integrating all the fulfilment options. The creation of a centralized virtual stock will make the availability of products visible to the brand on all sales channels. They too will clearly have access to the virtual stock. Brands will also get an estimate of the future stock and the customer will be able to know dates of receipt of products even when not available. Finally, order sourcing rules will be configured based on their type, geographic location and available inventory.

To support the proposed processes, the right technology and approach to the application and technology change will grant and enable the Time 2 Market and Future Proof digitalization with the chance to provide new services and new business models.
Retail Reply, through its deep knowledge of In-Store, e-commerce and Omnichannel processes can drive the change and design new business opportunities.

Why attend

Betting on Delivery and personalized last mile logistics, allows you to enhance the brand value and perception for customers. It also allows you to create new service like Try&Buy, Rent your Clothes, etc. Omnichannel and convergence are now well-known mantras. But what are the new opportunities, especially in this new world where “healthy and safety” sales assistance is the one and only clear customer requirements?

Join us in this webinar and we will discuss, disclose and share new ideas, to perform better and to sell more.

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