Digital heritage marketing: how to give value to business stories

September 22, 2020
from 11:30 AM to 12:15 PM  

Webinar Overview

The first differentiating element of each brand is its history. In a time when much of what we say is volatile, how can we take advantage of digital heritage marketing to position ourselves solidly and really engage users? In this webinar we will analyze the most effective tools and strategies to transform the legacy of brands into a contemporary narrative. Join us for a methodological exposition of podcasts, videos, digital storytelling, social media projects and smart interactive experiences.

Why Attend

The webinar aims to convey the notion of heritage marketing in relation to digital evolution and contemporary creative trends. Regardless of when your business was launched, you can use storytelling and digital communication to build a heritage brand that people connect with. In this webinar, you will find inspiration on how to position and humanize your brand online, giving value to your business stories and generating authentic relationships with customers.

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