Digital Promotions in the FMCG Industry

Digital Promotions in the FMCG Industry
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January 29, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CET

Advancing future Topics in Marketing

In the consumer goods industry, advertising is constantly changing and reinventing itself as new technologies emerge. 

Current topics such as consumer engagement and centricity, agile marketing and efficiency are relevant at any time. The basis for this is a deep understanding of their own customers, a scientific and data-based approach, as well as an innovative, open and flexible way of thinking and working.

Webinar Overview

The applications of SAP, especially in the field of consumer experience, provide the perfect basis for advancing these future topics in marketing. In this 4brands Reply webinar, you primarily get an understanding of the Marketing Cloud as an optimal solution for individual and efficient advertising campaigns and experience it yourself in a live demo.

Get a comprehensive overview of how to implement the current marketing topics with the help of SAP Marketing Cloud and promote them in your company.

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