Digital Twin and Machine Learning to move from a reactive to a proactive strategy management

December 10, 2020
from 4:00 PM to 4:45 PM  

Digital Twin

The Brick Reply Digital Twin Shop-floor solution enables you to create a dynamic model of the production site capable of updating itself and aligning in real time with the behaviour of the production line. Producing a virtual Digital Twin and utilizing real-time data captured from the machinery operating in the plant, this strategy overtakes the classic paradigm of simulations based on static data. This capability enables the transformation of the manufacturing process management strategy from reactive to predictive.


Why Attend

This webinar presents a visionary perspective on the potential of these technologies in the manufacturing industry. The webinar also analyzes useful insights related to the latest technologies in the world of Industrie 4.0. Moreover, attendees are presented with a real use case from both a business and technical point of view.


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