Discover the Benefits of an API-first Approach

Discover the Benefits of an API-first Approach
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October 5, 2023
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

The benefits of OpenAPI

How can organizations effectively evolve their core business applications while increasing the pace of development? How can the "API economy" approach help with this? What are the benefits of OpenAPI? The Live Reply experts look at these questions and show the benefits that an API-first approach can bring to businesses.


From tech giants like AWS to payment services like Stripe, the API Economy has revolutionized the way services are delivered to customers and partners in every industry. That's because application programming interfaces (APIs) can be used to unlock the power of new technologies and flexibly and efficiently connect a company's own software, such as social networks, web-based applications or mobile solutions. As a result, APIs offer financial benefits for companies and can enable additional revenue.



In this webinar, the Live Reply experts show two approaches on how OpenAPI can be successfully integrated into a company's own processes:

Success Story from the media industry: you get insights into Sky Italia's journey, which involved both a change in mindset and an adapted technology stack. By leveraging API-powered connectivity and Kong Gateway, Sky Italia was able to shorten the lead time for new APIs, reduce MTTR, and improve performance.

Open API: With TMForum OpenAPI, the experts also present a way to foster collaboration between market partners in the telecom industry. TMForum OpenAPI enables enterprises to streamline operations and deliver innovative services more efficiently. It serves as a unifying force in the complex landscape of digital transformation.


Session Overview

Business-critical services where automation, observability and performance are key success factors can only be implemented with a specific software: It should integrate seamlessly with your CI/CD frameworks, reliably deliver high performance and provide meaningful business insights. Live Reply has developed a solid strategy around the Kong Gateway suite of tools, enabling its customers to reduce time-to-market, create new business models and realize the full potential of the services offered.


In this webinar, the experts demonstrate:


  • Concepts of the API Economy and Kong Gateway realized at the media company Sky Italia
  • How OpenAPI can be used in modern software: easy integration in current deploy processes
  • The TMForum OpenAPI framework as another approach to digital collaboration in the telecom industry for a successful transformation

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