Document cracking with Azure Cognitive Services and Form Recognizer

May 7, 2020
from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM  


Cluster Reply explained how Machine Learning and Azure Form Recognizercan be used to extract structured information from heterogeneous documents.

We presented a simple but realistic scenario where we want to extract specific fields from scanned documents and point out the main issues to face in performing document cracking, e.g. how to deal with different formats, multiple pages, and what happens when we get an unknown document. Finally, we described the technologies used and their features.

Key topics

The webinar focused on the benefits of adopting automatic document data extraction products. You discovered the advantages of CustomVision and FormRecognizer:

  • Characteristics you can exploit;
  • Current limits and quirks to be aware of;
  • How much it costs and how much you'll save (time & money).

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