Domain Storytelling - Collaborative Business Process Modelling

Domain Storytelling - Collaborative Business Process Modelling
Event Info
October 7, 2021
3:00 PM - 5:30 PM CEST

Create Common Understanding

Good business software must be tailored to the domain and the tasks of its users. Therefore we need a shared understanding of the “jobs to be done” between all roles involved: developers, testers, product owners, project managers, requirement engineers and domain experts.

In this workshop hosted by the experts from Comsysto Reply, you can learn how to use Domain Storytelling to create this common understanding. Domain Storytelling is a collaborative business process modelling technique, where we collect domain stories using a visual language in front of the expert telling the story. After just a few domain stories, we developed the main concepts of a domain: actors, their tasks, their tools (e.g. IT systems and apps) and the processed objects (e.g. documents).

What can I use Domain Storytelling for?

  • As an entry point into a new domain to understand work processes
  • Bridge technical silos through collaborative modelling
  • Define minimum viable products
  • Identify requirements
  • Document current processes
  • Find domain boundaries for your software

Session Overview

Who is this training for?

  • Product owners, Business analysts / requirements engineers, Developers with direct customer contact, Testers, Project managers, Department key users, Scrum masters

You can learn

  • how to use and adapt Domain Storytelling for different purposes.
  • which tools are suitable for Domain Storytelling.
  • how to conduct a Domain Storytelling workshop.

Key Takeaways from this Hands-On Workshop:

  • Aprox. 50% hands-on exercises.
  • Small exercise groups in breakout rooms.
  • Feedback from trainers sharing their real-life experiences.


Tobias Draeger
Comsysto Reply
Sven Tessmann
Comsysto Reply
Sean Fleischer
Comsysto Reply

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