E/E Architecture for Autonomous Systems: The Hardware and On-board Network Perspective

March 11, 2021
from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM  

IT Architecture for Autonomous Vehicles

The future challenge for electric-electronic architectures and on-board networks will increase significantly with the increasing functionalities in terms of scalability, complexity and data volumes. To meet the requirements of autonomous systems, the topologies, the on-board network and the hardware of the systems will change.

In this webinar, Autonomous Reply looks at the current E/E architecture and its on-board network. The experts compare different architecture topologies with each other, discuss different sensors that are required for the respective functions and describe their impact on the on-board network. Afterwards, some advantages and disadvantages on the part of the on-board network are mentioned.

Key Takeaways

Join this Autonomous Reply webinar and get an overview of

  • different architecture approaches and topologies,
  • an overall system of a system architecture,
  • effects on the on-board network.

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