E/E Architecture for Autonomous Systems: The Software Perspective

E/E Architecture for Autonomous Systems: The Software Perspective
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February 11, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CET

IT Architecture for Autonomous Vehicles

In various studies on the subject of E/E architecture in vehicles, a clear strategy away from networked control units towards control unit networks or central control units is presented. However, the system or software side must also be considered. In vehicle systems of the future, it will no longer be sufficient to concentrate on the hardware; instead, the backend must be considered as part of the overall eco-system. Requirements such as scalability and modularity must be taken into account, as well as safety and security aspects.

In this webinar, Autonomous Reply presents a 4-layer approach from the software perspective, which can be used to describe and illustrate solution approaches.

Why attend?

Join this Autonomous Reply webinar and get an overview of

  • current and future challenges in systems of higher automation levels,
  • approaches for networking strategies and localisation of functions in a system,
  • migration scenarios for an efficient implementation of sustainable systems.

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