Eloqua Release 21C - What's new for you?

Eloqua Release 21C - What's new for you?
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September 14, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CEST

Eloqua Release 21C

The third Eloqua update of 2021 is being released now. The new Release 21C includes several new features and important updates, among them the availability for everyone to mask Blind Form Submit, SSL Certificate Management and improved API calls.

Join this online session with the Like Reply experts to learn more. Beside the Release update, they also present brief insights into some new apps that could boost your campaign performance and your daily efficiency with Eloqua.

Release Highlights

In this webinar, Like Reply gives a first review of the major changes released in 21C that are listed below:

  • Blind Form Submit masking
  • SSL certificate management improvements
  • API Changes
  • And a very special sneak peek at the new SMS functionality planned for the 21D release (November 2021). 

Additionally the experts share some best practices including new apps around Eloqua that will improve your efficiency with the tool. 

Enjoy a deep-dive together with the Like Reply experts!


Like Reply
Raphael Rettenbacher
BU Manager
Like Reply
Jean-Noël Dollé
Like Reply

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