Engage your Partners: Building an indirect sales platform

Engage your Partners: Building an indirect sales platform
Event Info
November 18, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CET

Partner Relationship Platform

In companies, the focus is not only on the relationship with the customer, but also on partners and agents who deal with a company. The requirement for software solutions to map indirect sales presents many companies with challenges in their daily work. How can the cooperation of a sales team with partners and agents as well as sales to end customers be mapped in a classic CRM? With the Power Platform, Microsoft offers a solution that can be integrated into your existing CRM system.

In this webinar, the experts from Cluster Reply explain the structure of a PRM platform (Partner Relationship Management Platform) using a concrete example and show possibilities for making indirect sales more effective.

Webinar Overview

How can I better manage my partner business? How can I make existing customer data available to my business partners? How can a PRM system be integrated into my CRM? What is the difference between PRM and CRM systems? What possibilities does a PRM system offer me?

Get an understanding of the Partner Relationship Management Platform through concrete examples.

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