Event Storming - Collaborative Domain Modelling

Event Storming - Collaborative Domain Modelling
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October 20, 2022
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM CEST

Create Common Understanding

At its core, Event Storming is about capturing the entire domain and visualising it in a consensual Big Picture in the form of sticky notes on a long wall. By distilling all relevant events from the domain and putting them consensually in a chronological order, intensive discussions with massive knowledge crunching about what is really going on in the entire domain arise.

On the one hand, business and subject matter experts learn from each other about the higher-level contexts that go beyond their respective silos. And even though some companies don’t want to admit it, at some point there will be no one left, who really understands how the company or a (complex) process works from end to end.

On the other hand, there is no better opportunity to get to know the domain and clarify or at least raise all questions directly to the business experts, as "Ambiguity does not compile." By having all people together in a room these questions can be addressed immediately and also bring new insights and potential for improvement to light.

By the end of an intense day the Big Picture can be clustered into functional areas or so called sub-domains, which serve as a great intermediate artefact for further investigation towards deriving a domain aligned system architecture. However, the Event Storming method is universal, and therefore not limited just to software design.

A low-tech yet powerful collaborative modelling method to explore the domain crossing silo boundaries.

Join our Hands-on Workshop and learn more about Domain Driven Design and its collaborative modelling methods.

Session Overview

This hands-on workshop is relevant for product owners, business analysts / requirements engineers, project managers, department key users, domain experts, developers, testers, architects, scrum masters... And everyone else who is just curious and interested in the method or Domain Driven Design and its collaborative modelling methods (no prior knowledge required)

Potential Use Cases

  • Gain clarity of the current domain (e.g. before large refactorings)

  • Verify Company / Team structures

  • Describe / Communicate (parts of) a development process

  • Explore/Understand the domain (e.g. to (re-) build a system or model new bigger features)


Session Structure

  • Check-In and short intro into Event Storming

  • Explanation of the sample domain

  • 80% Hands-On: explore the sample domain applying Event Storming

  • Guidance from our experienced trainers

  • Q&A, discussion and sharing real-life experiences


Beija Nigl
Software Engineer
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Max Jung
Solution Architect
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Sven Tessmann
Software Architect
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