Evolution of Low-Code / No-Code: What Companies have to consider

Evolution of Low-Code / No-Code: What Companies have to consider
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November 2, 2023
11:00 AM - 11:30 AM CET

Fields of Applications and Limitations of Low-Code

How can companies implement low-code as a core business strategy?


In this session, the experts from Cluster Reply and Microsoft show proven uses and typical limitations of low-code. Low-code is more than just a technology – it offers a unique opportunity to build a more digital organization. Professional low-code platforms such as the Microsoft Power Platform offer numerous features for scaling that go beyond low-code. Boundaries are not set in stone and are constantly being redefined in the course of creative solution finding.


Particularly promising is the role of low-code as a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaboration. At a time when teamwork and networking are critical to business success, low-code enables teams from different disciplines to work together on projects to generate innovative solutions that were previously unthinkable. The developer experience (DX) noticeably increases.



One focus of this session is to look at the current state of democratization of technology. Low-code is helping to spread technical know-how throughout the organization. Anyone can now participate in the design and development of digital solutions, accelerating digital transformation and driving innovation.


Session Overview

The experts highlight the Microsoft Power Platform, which is known as a leading low-code platform. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to embed low-code into the DNA of your business. From application development to process automation to data analytics, Microsoft Power Platform is key to transformation.


Join the Cluster Reply and Microsoft experts on their journey through the evolution of low-code and no-code. They illustrate how the paradigm can have a lasting impact not only on application development, but also on the culture and direction of your organization.



Aly Khalifa
Digital Specialist
Dynamics 365 & Power Platform
Lennart Wörmer
Cluster Reply

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