Financial Services: Enhance your CRM strategy through AI, Automation and 1:1 engagement capabilities

Financial Services: Enhance your CRM strategy through AI, Automation and 1:1 engagement capabilities
Event Info
September 30, 2020
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CEST

Webinar Overview

Digital transformation evolution already brough a new wave of banking models based on multichannel, 24x7 services availability, dematerialization which overcame traditional banks based on human interaction, trust, intimacy and proximity.
Imagine you can combine the benefits of both the models into a fully integrated, seamless connected and personalized approach. Consider you can empower your model with digital assistant interaction, intelligent routing, data extraction and repetitive task automation in order to enhance your customer care with digital capabilities. Reducing human intervention, the operators focus on added value interactions improving quality of service with high valuable contributions. Think about streamlines the integration between your front-end and your sales application, capturing leads, qualifying them and assign a score, all of these without human intervention, leveraging on automate quoting capabilities to speed-up and optimize your sales process, making it more efficient and responsive.

Why Attend

During the webinar Arlanis Reply will discuss how, with the support of Salesforce platform, it can help its clients to deliver an effective, automated and personalized service to their customers leveraging the intelligent and predictive capabilities of the #1 CRM platform worldwide. Arlanis Reply, Platinum Partner of Salesforce, is the Reply group company with a strong focus on Customer Relationship Management solutions to enhance Marketing, Sales and Customer care with the support of Analytics and Automation.
Committed to innovation and with the ambition to be an earlier adopter of Salesforce solutions, Arlanis Reply implemented the first Italian reference of the Salesforce Health Cloud module and established a practice to develop automation within Financial Services through Salesforce native capabilities combined with Automation Anywhere, a leading Robotic Process Automation software, integration.

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