FinOps: An Introduction to Cloud Cost Management

FinOps: An Introduction to Cloud Cost Management
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March 18, 2021
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM CET

Solve the Cloud Cost Management Dilemma

Whether you are at the beginning of the journey to the cloud or already in the middle of it, cloud cost management is an essential part of a successful cloud strategy. Yet studies show that over 81% of all companies regularly exceed their planned cloud budget. This is not only associated with annoyance and loss of control, but also the loss of expected benefits from moving to the cloud, such as faster time to market.

FinOps offers an approach to solving the cloud cost management dilemma: by purposefully adapting the corporate culture to the variable cloud cost model, the company regains control and can make the most out of the cost benefits of the cloud. Cloud cost management tools such as CloudHealth are an important building block and support this transition.

Key Takeaways

In this session, learn with Liquid Reply and CloudHealth by VMware:

What is FinOps and how does the concept contribute to solving the challenges of cloud cost management in finance and operations?

How can cloud cost management tools like CloudHealth support and fuel the implementation of FinOps?


Christian Thor
New Business D/A/CH
CloudHealth by VMware
Vanessa Kantner
Senior Consultant
Liquid Reply

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