From Cloud to Edge – The next IT Transformation

From Cloud to Edge – The next IT Transformation
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March 4, 2021
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CET

The rise of Edge Computing

By 2025 Cloud Computing will lead the ICT infrastructure market and Edge Computing will become an exponentially growing market. This is the main finding from the “From Cloud to Edge” Research recently released by Reply and Teknwology Group. 

The research explores the use of Cloud Computing technologies before and during 2020 Coronavirus outbreaks in “Europe-5” (Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium), and “Big-5” (USA, United Kingdom, Brazil, China, India) clusters in order to understand the evolutions of the market.

In the next 5 five years Edge Computing will be an exponentially growing market in all “Europe-5” and “Big-5” clusters’ countries. Germany will be the biggest European market for both Cloud Computing and Edge Computing; the USA will be the dominant market worldwide.

Webinar Overview

During the webinar, Reply and Teknwology Group present the main findings of the research with a focus on Edge Computing. Several use cases on different industries are showcased by Teknowlogy Group.

In fact, all industries will be impacted by edge computing that offers clear advantages if low latency, connectivity, security, privacy and the transmitted data volumes are an issue.

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