Fuelling Real-Time Use Cases in Online Media Streaming through Kafka

June 4, 2020
from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM  

Real-time events in online streaming

In the world of online streaming providers, real-time events are becoming the new standard, driving innovation and a new set of use cases to react to a quickly changing market.

We explain how, from simple media player heartbeats, Data Reply fueled a diverse set of near-real-time use cases and services for his customer, from blocking concurrent media streams, to recognizing ended sessions and trending content.

Webinar overview

In this Webinar, the Data Reply experts explain how to build the microservice ecosystem around Apache Kafka to ensure the ability to quickly build and deploy new streaming agents on AWS with the least amount of operational effort possible.

They also discuss some of the issues they found and explain how they dealt with them.

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