Future Mobility: Catching the Wave

Future Mobility: Catching the Wave
Event Info
July 28, 2020
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CEST

Mobility Trends

How do three emergent trends offer future mobility opportunities serving people, communities and future cities? Many futurists predict along our current trajectory of urbanization, that 70% of the earth’s population will be living in cities by 2030.

Flying cars and autonomous vehicles will not suffice in our growing demand for mobility solutions and capacities to let in more cars in our cities are already reaching their limits. Provocations of 2030 design futures will offer food for thought and discussion.

Webinar overview

In this webinar the experts from Spark Reply share an extract of mobility trends to inspire business opportunities on how we can find ways to discuss and solve near-term and long-term challenges within our growing mobility needs and improving our human condition in today’s congested public transport and travel experiences.


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