GDPR compliant E-Commerce Analytics using Adobe Analytics

June 29, 2022
from 4:00 PM to 4:30 PM  

Privacy-compliant E-Commerce, Customer Journey and Web Analytics

Collecting customer data and evaluating user behavior is essential for any business in the digital world, especially in this day and age. Due to recent decisions by regulators within the EU regarding the use of Google Analytics, we are in a lively exchange with the majority of our customers who are playing it safe and looking for an alternative. With Adobe Analytics, privacy-compliant e-commerce, customer journey and web analytics within the EU is a fair option.

In this webinar, Comwrap Reply shows how merchants can unify these analytics topics into a single solution and dashboard with their Adobe Commerce (Magento) platform, replacing Google Analytics and Magento BI. The experts also explain how to build a lightweight and efficient integration project using the Adobe Analytics Adoption Blueprint for fast and efficient deployment and adoption.

Session Overview

Join this Comwrap Reply webinar to

  • learn what makes a GDPR compliant analytics solution.
  • discover how to manage e-commerce, customer journey, and web analytics in a single dashboard.
  • learn what makes Adobe Analytics a market-leading analytics solution.
  • get insights on how to set up a streamlined integration project using the Adobe Analytics Adoption Blueprint.


Mathias Hermann
Comwrap Reply
Alexandre Gornatti
Senior Consultant
Comwrap Reply

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