Growth and Value Scouting

Growth and Value Scouting
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April 8, 2022
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CEST

Strategies and Decision Making aligned with true Value Drivers

In times of cost explosions, extraordinary price increases, unusually high inflation rates, political instability, the corporate goals of brand companies are subjected to a stress test. Do the success factors of the recent past still apply? Do we need an early warning system for market developments? Where should we act agilely to achieve growth, market share and profitability targets? Which influencing factors require our greatest attention? These are some of the questions that should be asked now.

In this webinar, the experts from 4brands Reply and Global Solutions Europe provide insights into best practices of Growth and Value Scouting from an IT and conceptual perspective including must-haves in times of inflation. The experts present a toolbox embedded in the revenue growth management process that provides short- and long-term transparency, shows causal relationships, focuses on the most important KPIs and ensures controllability even in these times.

Session Overview

The Mission is to

  • create transparency on the most important value creation factors,
  • select key KPIs to drive top business goals,
  • quantify dependencies and sensitivities with route-cause analyses,
  • develop a value pyramid based on the corporate strategy and bring it to life in a pilot,
  • implement a flexible data platform integrating internal and external data from all relevant sources
  • monitor consumer prices in your category in nearly real-time,
  • observe promotion activities of your competitors across all channels daily, 
  • identify hypothesis-based pilot optimization opportunities and simulate results.


Global Solutions Europe
Rolf Sundermeier
4brands Reply

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